The Pabalu Tree

ISBN 979-10-96444-00-7
Kindle format ISBN 979-10-96444-01-4

This is a rhyming picture book for young children as well as for early readers. "The Pabalu Tree is the best place in the world you can imagine to be.” Join little orphan Roy as he sets out on a journey to find a new home. Along the way, he encounters new friends who are much like himself. They are each searching for something and the Pabalu Tree is the answer. Now, if only they can get the name right!

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Babushka's Tales

ISBN 979-10-96444-02-1

What happens when someone bullies a little child's ladybug and flower friends? Or when a pebble boy is finally able to leave the safety of his underwater home? Have you ever heard a little voice singing the nightingale song when it rains?

Every night, Babushka tells her beloved grandson Janoush a bedtime story, some that she heard from others, some that she experienced herself. No matter how tired young Janoush is, he always enjoys the stories, and learns valuable lessons from them.

Join Janoush as he listens to three of his grandmother's fantastic tales. Bedtime could never be more fun!

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