Mariana Andrusyshyn

A freelance illustrator and designer.

I was born and currently living in Lviv, Ukraine. After finishing a philosophy degree in 2014 and feverishly searching for what to do next, I returned to drawing, which was my long-time hobby. By happy accident, my spontaneous drawing of chimeric images and cartoonish creatures on my notebook’s margins while listening to lectures on ontology has grown into the opportunity of illustrating real books.
Producing illustrations that capture children’s imaginations fascinates me. It is an amazing field for creativity since every time you draw, you challenge your routine outlook. It demands your eyes and heart be open and fresh all the time.
I remember picture books from my childhood and the excitement I used to feel while viewing these pictures that transported me to a special world. So now, I see my task as illustrator is not just to present a visual explanation of the story, but in the creation of a special atmosphere aimed at helping little readers find the potential in their own great imaginations.
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Skype: eudoksi


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